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Embracing – and announcement of key initiatives in 2024 and Intercultural Perspective held at local venue with speakers & networking with a focus to fund-raise apprenticeship and exchange programs (this will be a separate initiative for SEUSKCC – involves partnership needs programing lead seed $).

Multi-Chamber International Networking Mixer

Mix and mingle with members of the Belgian, British, Dutch, French, German, Irish, Japanese, South Korean, Swedish, and Swiss business communities. Annual Event that SEUSKCC always attend each year. Annual Event that SEUSKCC always attend each year.


Regular quarterly board meeting. Calling out to discuss new board nomination joining vote, evaluation and needs of personnel for 2024, executive director matters, focus area business plan, and 2024 programming participation and brainstorming sessions by board members.


How International Investment Powers the Renewable Revolution held at Curiosity Lab at Peachtree Corners. From EV and Solar panels to battery storage and charging systems, the need to achieve sustainable development for the U.S. market during a time of rising trade tensions.


To invite members and guests at a local brewery event hosted with a guest speaker that impacts many of international companies.

ROK-SEUS Economic Partnership Forum

The ROK-SEUS Economic Partnerships designed to bolster economic cooperation between the Republic of Korea and the six SEUS States (Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, North Carolina, and South Carolina) and to facilitate the investment and business of the Korean companies and networking among Korean and the U.S. companies in the region.

Doing business in the southeast

Topic of focus (SEMINAR) We will invite keynote guest speakers to talk about panel of professionals on “Doing business in the U.S.” experts such as: “Global Mobility, Immigration, Setting-up a Plant, Economic Development Incentive, keeping up with compliance, and Site selection”

Korea Society joint outreach program

(This will annually program with the Korea Society Joint Event in previous year – as we postponed to 2024 joint event as plan is TBD either Savannah GA or Nashville TN)


We will invite keynote guest speakers to talk about business success stories how to navigate practical challenges today in new generation of work force serving ESG focus and skilled workforce trainings. Experts to talk about: “Apprenticeships, US-Korea Workforce development exchange Program Participations, cultural exchanges, etc.”