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Beyond the 70 Years of U.S. – Korea Alliance Success
Subtopic Theme of GALA: "The Future of Economic Alliance and Supply Chain Resilience"

[Atlanta, GA, December 14, 2023] – The Southeast US-Korea Chamber of Commerce (SEUSKCC) is proud to announce the resounding success of its Annual Gala held on December 14th at the prestigious 191 Peachtree Tower. The event, attended by over a hundred diverse mix of industry leaders, diplomats, and cultural figures, marked a significant moment in fostering U.S.-Korea economic and cultural relations.

The gala featured insightful keynote speeches from renowned figures: Dr. Ji-Young Lee, an expert in U.S.-ROK relations, and Mr. James E. Glassman, a distinguished economist. Their presentations provided attendees with deep insights into the evolving dynamics of international relations and economic diplomacy between the United States and Korea.

Highlighting the evening was a mesmerizing performance by Solnamoo Song, whose musical talent added a unique cultural dimension to the event. The gala also included a raffle, with the grand prize being a Delta Airlines ticket worth over $2,000, contributing to the evening’s excitement.

SEUSKCC was thrilled to welcome a new member to its Board of Directors, underscoring the organization’s ongoing growth and commitment to strengthening U.S.-Korea relations. The Board’s leadership and vision have been instrumental in the Chamber’s continued success and expansion.

The Chamber extends its deepest gratitude to its sponsors, whose generous support was pivotal to the gala’s success. The event was not only a celebration but also a platform for networking, sharing ideas, and fostering partnerships that will drive future collaboration between the U.S. and Korea.

As we approach the holiday season, SEUSKCC is filled with optimism for the year ahead. The success of the gala is a testament to the strength and potential of U.S.-Korea partnerships. The Chamber looks forward to building on this momentum in 2024, with a focus on enhancing bilateral relations and exploring new opportunities for growth and collaboration.

About SEUSKCC: The Southeast US-Korea Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to promoting strong economic and cultural ties between the United States and Korea. Through events, networking, and advocacy, SEUSKCC serves as a vital resource for businesses and individuals seeking to deepen bilateral relationships.