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Bridging Korea & Southeastern United States

For over 30 years, the Southeast United States Korean Chamber of Commerce (SEUSKCC), previously also known as the “Korea-SEUS” has brought together business, government, and community leaders to build stronger partnerships between South Korea and the Southeastern United States.

With roots dating back from 1991, we have a long history and legacy of enabling collaboration and mutual beneficial growth between these important allies and regions. Today, our chamber serves a vast arrange of companies and individuals by facilitating networking, business opportunities, cultural exchange, and more.

Join us in connecting South Korea and the Southeastern United States.

Jae Kim President and Board Member

More About Us

Our Mission

SEUSKCC’s mission is to promote economic, governmental, and cultural relationships between South Korea and the Southeastern United States. Specifically, we aim to…

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Our Legacy

SEUSKCC was founded in 1991 as the Korea-Southeast US Chamber of Commerce by a coalition of Georgia-based companies like Coca-Cola, Georgia Power and the state’s economic development department…

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Our Community

SEUSKCC serves over 500 corporate and individual members from diverse industries in South Korea and the Southeastern US. Our members represent fields like manufacturing, professional services, technology…

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Who We Help:

We support professionals, small business owners, corporate executives, and community leaders who want to:

  • Expand their network with US-Korea connections
  • Find biz dev and partnership opportunities
  • Gain market insights on Korea and the Southeastern US
  • Promote cultural and academic exchanges

If you’re passionate about strengthening ties between South Korea and the Southeastern US, we’re here to help.

Our Approach:

With decades of experience, we take a personalized approach to enabling US-Korea relations through:

  • Networking events to build relationships and connections
  • Business programs to generate leads and partnerships
  • Cultural exchanges to promote education and understanding
  • Mentorships to develop rising talent
  • Expertise sharing to foster collaboration
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Meet Our Board

SEUSKCC as a not-for-profit is governed by a Board of Directors who are members representing top companies in South Korea and the United States. Supported by total of 22 committee members, they set the strategy for the chamber.

Our current President and leader of our board is Jae Kim from Aprio, LLP (a global CPA-led Accounting and Advisory Firm).  He brings exceptional expertise in the Korea-US business world. Under the leadership who voluntary serve for the organization is a dedication and honorable commitment to greater mission. 

Meet our entire leadership team on our leadership page.

Past presidents have come from leading corporations like Coca-Cola, Georgia Power, and global law firms. Their expertise and guidance over the decades have been invaluable.

Join us in connecting Korea and the Southeastern US


Our Focus Areas

SEUSKCC concentrates on three pillars to fulfill our mission:


We facilitate connections between Korean and Southeast US professionals through social events, outings, seminars, and more.


We empower trade, foreign direct investment, and partnerships between Korean and Southeastern US organizations.


We promote cultural fluency and goodwill through exchanges, lectures, discussions, and other programming.

Our approach integrates all three areas to build well-rounded ties grounded in relationships.


Our Chamber strives to enable collaboration, business and friendships between Korea and the Southeast United States.

We will become recognized as the “go to” organization for networking, business and education. 

  • PROMOTE GOODWILL: To promote understanding and cooperation between the people of Korea and the people of the United States;
  • ENCOURAGE RELATIONS: To encourage friendly relations and social interaction between the citizens of Korea and the citizens of the southeastern states of United States;
  • FACILITATE MEETINGS: To facilitate meetings between Korean and American business professionals focused on commerce between Korea and the United States ;
  • EXCHANGE IDEAS: To provide a forum to freely exchange ideas on trade, commerce and investments in Korea and in the southeastern United States;
  • SERVE BUSINESS PUBLIC: To make goodwill for the public in serving exchanges of people-to-people connections and bridging the gap between individuals and businesses interested in trade, commerce, or investments in Korea and in the southeastern United States.