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Seminar’s topic panel discussions will be held as a fire-side chat format, after brief key insights by each of the panel speakers short presentation introductions. Our topic of discussion will be on issues for companies interest and holistic view of  the next EV Supply Chain. What are the current key outlooks? The panel discussion will also talk about what are the opportunities in the current state of the EV Supply Chain in the United States.

Trends on how the next EV movement will change the auto-industry, impacts to tariffs and supply chain bottlenecks, and the various areas for an upcoming opportunity for business leaders in the EV. Our discussions will cover:

  • Outlook on U.S. trade for the next growth in the EV Supply Chain 
  • Update on how the U.S. EV world has come to where it is Today
  • What are areas of opportunities for the current U.S. EV Supply Chain
  • Q&A session provided with the keynote speakers along with the moderator.

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